Heather Hibbard


and Supervision

Indiviual Counseling

Let's face it; life is not perfect nor will it ever be. You will probably be delt a few bad hands along the way, and at times it can seem as if the same people, places, and things cause you difficulty in your every day life. If you or your family are experiencing one of these  stressors and are struggling to deal with them alone, you are a good candidate for counseling. Click here for more information.

LPC-Intern Supervision

Have you graduated with your Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and passed your National Counselors Exam? If so, Congratulations!! It's now time for you to choose a supervisor and start working towards those 3,000 hours. I enjoy working with new professionals and guiding them to be the best counselors they can be. Click here for more information.